Belgrade with its colours, amazing streetart and vibrancy is a city where you can walk around for days and still not get bored. With such a great vibe, there’s bound to be some really good vintage shops. Those are not only perfect for a small budget but also fun because of the challenge they represent. This means that you can either find something amazing or get out empty-handed. Here is a list for all vintage lovers who are ready to accept the challenge.

Šmizla Vintage and Design

Head to the city’s favourite vintage store, Šmizla and find a wonderful cabinet of curiosities located in a flat in the old town. This store is over 20 years in the vintage business and mostly known for having a massive collection of sunglasses. And not only that. It is a gold mine for a one-of-a-kind-piece from Yugoslav designers for both men and women, traditional Serbian folk blouses, decoration, bags, shoes, vinyls, toys and so on. 

Jane Doe Vintage Shop & Jane Doe Concept Store 

The Jane Doe Vintage shop exists over 10 years and is known for its colourful collection of vintage, designer pieces and home decor. If you are looking for an outfit, you will have a high likelihood to succeed here. Explore their online shop and see for yourself. Jane Doe’s new concept store, around the corner, has a wonderful mix of art, prints, handmade and retro finds, like hand made jewelry, clothing and furniture made by local artists. They host exhibitions, theater plays and parties. The store has a cute little payment café during the summer season. 

  • Kapetan Mišina 17 (Vintage Shop) & Cara Uroša 19 (Concept Store)
  • Mon-Fri: 12:00-20:00
  • Sat: 12:00-16:00
  • Mon-Thurs: 10:00-12:00
  • Fri&Sat: 10:00-01:00 
  • Sunday: 12:00-00:00
  • Jane Doe on Facebook
  • Jane Doe on Instagram

Le Nu

If you are on the hunt for a unusual piece of vintage furniture, paintings and illustrations from local artists or any kind of uniqueness for your home, you have come to the right place. Le nu is a former gallery which has been transformed into a vintage shop. You will find some second hand clothes, remnants from French editorials and a sunglasses collection from Paris. They also have lots of interesting things made in Yugoslavia, like the first queer calendar from the 80s and lots of lighting. My highlight was a 60s reflector from a czech theater.

  • Koče Kapetana 1
  • Mon-Sat: 10:00-18:00

Snatch Shop

Snatch, probably the one with the best shop front, is a second hand shop with some vintage details from time to time. It’s the ideal place to find up wallet-friendly Vintage Levi’s, T-shirts, animal print, silk scarves, trinkets and sunglasses. You won’t have to dig here because everything is pretty neatly organized on racks. The trendy and carefully selected pieces come from different European markets such as Amsterdam, Vienna and Serbia of course. Sweet owner, Iva is passionate about her job and very welcoming. 

Ye Ye Vintage

Ye Ye is located in Belgrade’s colourful Designer District offering an interesting  mix of vintage, customized and retro. The owner is at the same time a tailor, who will jazz up your old clothes. If you want to browse ready-made clothes, there is plenty on the racks, ranging from cute summer dresses to sixties blouses from Yugoslavia, Holland and co. The shop is also very popular among costume designers who are able to match up the ‘pieces’. 

  • Lokal 40, Čumićevo Sokače
  • Mon-Fri: 12:00-20:00
  • Saturday: 12:00-18:00
  • Ye Ye on Facebook

Vintage Lux

Vintage Lux has got plenty to choose from, whether you are on the hunt for some vintage pieces or second hand clothing from Austria, Switzerland and many other countries. If you’re lucky, you can find great deals, especially if you’re searching for hats and bags. The shop is also a great place to stock up vintage jeans, leather suitcases and real fur. The owner is very helpful and friendly which is the perfect ingredient for a nice vintage shopping session.

Recycle Belgrade

Recycle Belgrade is not a ‘real’ shop but an exchange platform on Instagram, where people (mostly young women) can exchange clothes they don’t wear anymore. All you have to do: take pictures of your pieces and send it directly to the account. They will share it and tag you. A really cute concept where you don’t have to spend a fortune in order to get new rags for your wardrobe.