Forget about Western European flea markets! This one is next level: Welcome to Zemunski Buvljak in Altina my very own Disney Land. 

I already wrote about the Bubanj Potok flea market but this one is surely the most popular and my absolute favourite. This place is not just a flea market; it’s rather an institution. A whole neighborhood turns into an amusement park once a week. There are market stalls everywhere; directly on the street in backyards of some houses and also in small side streets and pick ups. I was finally there for the first time on a sunny morning back in January, although I have been planning this for a long time. The thing is that it only happens on Sundays, which means that you have to get up really early since the vendors start to pack up their things around half past 11. It’s like a city on its own: chaotic, crazy and ‘wow’ mixed with trashy folk music, very interesting people and an eclectic vibe. You’ll see BMWs cruising around, new and used stuff, but mainly used. Even things taken out from the garbage containers. My highlight was the guy, who uses a supermarket trolley to sell warm coffee and vinjak while singing some happy Serbian songs.

  • Adress: Bački Ilovik bb
  • if you don’t have a car: take the 15 bus from Zeleni Venac for example and go until the last stop