FEMALE PRISON- HOTEL FREEDOM is the second exhibition of the art project ARTikulacije, behind which stands the author’s team Ivana Ivković  and Tanja Juričan. As a platform for establishing artistic site-specific practices, ARTikulacije was launched in 2018 in the form of a series of engaged exhibitions with the aim of mapping and re-actualizing public spaces and themes of pronounced socio-reference contexts. 

This year’s exhibition focuses on the broader understanding of the specifics of ‘women’s prison’, and addresses the sensitive issues of the traumatic places of women’s heritage and the experience of freedom. With the juxtaposition of two abandoned spaces in Pančevo (which is less than 20 km from Belgrade) – the old prison, located in the catacombs of the National Museum and the building of the former cult hotel SLOBODA (which means freedom in Serbian) – the exhibition will present works of art by 21 authors from the country and the region, with the official opening 7. May, 2021, 6 pm. During the exhibition, a rich accompanying program is planned, including expert guides, tribunes and talks on the topic of women’s veterans’ activities as artistic inspiration, but also as practical and ideological preconditions for freedom. You can visit the exhibition until 21.5.2021.

authors : Marieta Vulić, Anica Vučetić, Deska Deska, Dubravka Đurić, Dragana Žarevac, Tina Keserović, Sanja Latinović, Marina Marković, Radmila Petrović, Ivana Ivković, Samantha Louise Michel, Aleksandra Novaković, Tanja Juričan, Anastasija Pavić, Jelena Pavlović, Sonja Radaković, Dragana Radivojević, Milica Rakić, Selma Selman, Ivana Smiljanić, Tamara Spalajković

photo: Vladica Čulić 

visual: Stefan Unković