As I mentioned in the Uncovering Belgrade’s Hidden Summer Gem post: the city (when it comes to visitors and tourists) is the most crowded during the summer months. The nights are fun but during the day it can get pretty hot and unbearable. That’s why locals spend the daytime on the rivers or the countryside. Of all the summertime rituals of Belgrade’s city life – daydrinking and open air parties on the river-rafts, cruising on the Sava and Danube, island hopping – one absolutely favorite among locals is the weekend getaway. The lucky ones have their own raft, boat or summer house. No need to worry, if you don’t know people in Belgrade. I have some good news: From now on you can beat the heat at Guvernanta’s summer getaway every Sunday from 15:00. They have opened their very first season in the beginning of June. 

As you can see on the pictures, the location, in Belgrade’s suburb Ledine, is a green garden with a bar, a pool and a hill of metal trash, which gives the place a very authentic appearance and vibe. The atmosphere is laid back, so you will feel like chilling at your friend’s. The visitors and staff are welcoming, you can easily make friends, if you feel like it. If not, you can find your own spot, since the garden is big enough. During the day, you can cool down in the pool or have some booze in the shadow. The drinks are the same as at Guvernanta’s, and they also keep adding new ones, like the Limoncello Spritz, which is a real refreshment during hot summer days. If you’re hangover from the night before, or not in the mood for alcohol, try the non alcoholic cocktails with different kinds of fruit. These ones were the most popular at the bar.

Guvernanta’s summer place doesn’t only offer affordable drinks, but also food. Last weekend, you could choose between hot dogs and sausages with different sauces and salads. In the future, they will change the menu or add something new to it, because the place will constantly grow and change. No getaway will be as the one before. One of the many creative future plans is to build a pizza oven, so visitors can make their own pizza. If you want to have a real Serbian experience stay tuned for the piglet on the spit gourmet event, which will happen pretty soon.

There will always be a different DJ to make your Sunday even better. One future project is also a crazy kafana night organized by the Matrijaršija collective, which is known for the folk music parties. There is no entrance fee and the place is dog-friendly. :)

Last but not least, how to reach the place: You will most likely find it, if you follow this link. It takes one hour to arrive by bus, so I recommend you to arrive earlier and spend more time there. Cabs are hard to get on the way back. Busses: 601 – Belgrade Waterfront, 72 – Zeleni Venac, 610 – Zemun, stop: Vikend naselje, 602 – Novi Beograd, stop: MZ Novi Surčin.

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