Belgrade is located at the confluence of the Sava and Danube rivers. The river banks are dotted with floating rafts, which were turned into a range of coffee places, bars and clubs. I’d like to point out a few alternative but yet amazing rafts on the Sava River, which you might like to visit during a sunny spell of weather.

Brodić na Savi

Brodić, which from Serbian translates as ‘a little ship’ has been around for over 20 years and is still one of Belgrade’s hidden gems. This place doesn’t look very attractive from the outside  but once you’re on the raft, you will quickly appreciate that Brodić has that ‘something. The little ship offers  refreshing drinks, a holiday atmosphere and a good pizza (kitchen is open 13:00 – 22:00). Even more so, watching sunsets from there is magical and what’s more they serve Moritz Ice Cream.


  • Sajamski Kej bb (Bus stop: Sajam)
  • everyday: 10:00 – 01:00
  • +381 60 3760200
  • Brodić’ na Savi on Facebook

Jaram na Vodi

This hidden gem is my favourite place in Belgrade. The whole ambience is rather relaxed. You are bound to see interesting people, chill on the little boat next to the raft, while drinking cold drinks. My favourite drink is their home made elderflower juice. They also serve fresh fruits and food. A perfect swimming place during sizzling summer days.

  • secret place

Dobrila Marina

Dobrila is a club in Dorćol, which has its summer residence on the Sava river. They offer a full programme – you can eat, drink, dance, and swim there. During weekends Dobrila features live music. It’s the perfect place for an alternative and crazy party night with friends or a relaxing afternoon with heady cocktails and a beautiful sunset.

Marina Gazela

Marina Gazela, a nautic club, is located in the close proximity of the Gazela Bridge. The raft’s white interior reminds me of holidays in Mykonos. I like this spot because there is always a good music and positive vibes. The staff are always in a good mood. They serve breakfast (250-400 RSD) all day and a stew (400/600 RSD) for lunch. If you want to enjoy the sunset to the fullest, order one of the three cocktails (300 -350 RSD). For teatotals , I recommend the homemade ice tea.


I must admit, I was kind of ‘jealous’ when I passed by this place for the very first time. Why was that so? Because this little float looks like private premises, where friends who’ve just met up for a catch up have a little barbecue while enjoying the sun. This place is amazing. It is very chilled, especially the staff, who welcome you like they ‘ve known you for years. You can sit on chairs, boats, or on a swing. Kurosava has one of the most beautiful views onto the new  bridge. Although the choice is not varied, they serve delicious food certainly made with love.

  • secret place