Belgrade got a new Burger Place, which definitely deserves the hashtag foodporn on Instagram. The location couldn’t be any better: the city’s new clubbing district Dorćolmala at the former BIP brewery in Cetinjska Street 15.  

Foodporn offers dirty pornburgers on a unique location: hidden on the last floor, above Club Rokanje. Don’t be tricked by the look of the hallway, which looks like a mix of a haunted house and a club with very interesting interior though. Because once you enter the restaurant, a warm and bright space will welcome you. 

You can’t get bored at Foodporn’s because of its unusual decoration. You’ll find so many weird but cool details all around the place. No wonder, why Foodporn appears on Instagram all the time. And if you understand Serbian, you’ll be also amused by the cheeky messages on your food pads.

Big Daddy, Gigolo & Co – Love at First Bite

They have a variety of burgers: From beef to chicken, from fried tofu to fish. You can go for a whole burger menu (440 – 610 RSD) or create your own pornburger. The menu suggests multiple combinations for toppings and other accessories, which is why pornburgers offer some of the most suprising bites around. My tip: Put some avocado on your creation for extra creaminess.

The 100% beef meat was tender and juicy. And the pornfries…delicious! You can also order unlimited crispy fries for 890 RSD. And when it comes to dessert, Foodporn offers sweets that will melt your heart. Brownies with vanilla ice cream and pancakes are my favourites.

The restaurant is sourrounded by more than ten other bars and clubs in Belgrade’s coolest district. It is the perfect place to eat before a night out, to have a snack between drinks if you are getting tipsy or to cure your hangover after a night out. The atmosphere is relaxed and friendly, such as the staff.