Belgrade, are you ready for the hottest summer ever?  

Just when you thought this summer couldn’t get any better, the 4D supergroup showed up on Belgrade’s party scene with a new clubbing concept. The idea is to host a multimedia-based party, which combines music, picture and pleasure.

The team consists of four artists, who are DJs, graphic designers, producers and photographers – Bom Ziggy, Rebel B, Luminous and Edge MC. The combination of that four creative guys can be described as an wow-effect.

The pre-party was organized two weeks ago for people with invite only at club Preduzeće. If you are looking to go to this all-out amazing event, dance to fantastic DJ tunes with cool people while being filmed, this Friday, the 1st  of July will be your chance. The party starts at 20:00 at club Preduzeće. Everyone is welcome and the entrance is free.

Follow 4D on Facebook and make sure you won’t miss any of their parties, which will happen at different indoor and outdoor locations.