The Domestic coffee (domaća kafa), or also called: Serbian coffee (srpska kafa), Turkish Coffee (turska kafa) or Black Coffee (crna kafa) has its roots in Yemen (15th century).

This delicious beverage came through the Ottoman to Serbia. It is made in a special device; in a  džezva. All you have to do is, to put water in the device and heat it. Then you have to put the appropriate grounds in the water and let it boil another time.

It is served with a piece of Turkish Delight and some sugar.

Serbians love drinking coffee. When you walk through Belgrade, you will notice that the coffees and bars are always crowded. On average, Serbians drink  4 to 5 cups of coffee a day.  Statistics show that one person drinks around 4,5 kg a year.

Fun Fact: In Serbian you say: “Ajmo na kafu”, what literally means “Let’s grab some coffee”. The word coffee is a blanket term for any beverage. The sentence just expresses the desire to meet and you will use it even, if you are planning to drink alcohol 😉.