Ispeci Pa Reci is a new cake shop offering delicious, American-style home-baked treats in the Belgrade borough of Dorćol.

Whether you’re in the mood for a hearty slice of American pie with flavours such as apple, pear and raspberry (200-240 RSD) or a delicate crumbly and mushy banana bread (120 RSD), you surely won’t leave the place disappointed or hungry here. Ispeci Pa Reci is the new bakery kid in town. Located in the lower part of Dorćol, this cake shop serves freshly baked cakes made of simple ingredients and certainly with lots of love. Every single cake is hand prepared and baked in the kitchen at the back of the cake shop.

The cakery’s menu offers various cookies (120-150 RSD), a triple chocolate brownie (180 RSD), juicy muffins (160 RSD) fruit cakes, including American pies and banana breads. And not only does Ispeci Pa Reci appeals to your palate, they also offer ready-to-bake cooking dough and delicious coffee. Do you happen to be lactose intolerant but sick of missing out on all the pie fun by any chance? Their delightful milk free option is a dark chocolate cookie. Can’t make it to the shop? No worries since they offer a delivery service as well. (from 1.500 RSD and at best one day in advance)

I really like the cakes because they are just the way I love them: simple, delicious and not too sweet. It is difficult to make up your mind which sweet dream you should go for, once you are standing in front of the glass top stands. Because as if every single delicacy shout from the rooftops: Eat me! I recommend the American pie with vanilla ice cream and the fruit cakes. Simply go there and just try it. You’ll see, oh you’ll see.

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