For those who have never partied in Drugstore: it’s a new kind of creative space, turned from an industrial space into a clubbing, concert, cocktail, theatre, arts and cinema venue. The dark interior reminds on a gothic styled cathedral and can host around 1.000 people. The club is known for its original vibe, the mix of cool locals and international visitors and the brilliant soundsystem. I myself experienced a lot of amazing parties and projects there. Drugstore is the underground club in Belgrade. And everyone knows that underground means being completely independent. Therefore Drugstore needs your support right now. This Friday, April 24th, there will be a 12 hour lockdown stream from the empty venue played by the resident DJ Tijana T. Pick one of the packages below and support the Drugstore team, who lost their income due to the Covid19 situation and who made so many unforgettable partynights happen.

Original message from Drugstore:

‘Hope everyone is safe and fine and a total Jamie in the kitchen by now. We’re all together in a crisis and yet no one knows when the things will go back on track. As some of you already know, Drugstore is a completely independent initiative through which many cultures and creatives intertwined in the past decade. The way we operate here in Serbia is different than the things roll in the western world which leaves a team of dedicated employees on their own for an indefinite period of time. On top of it, Serbia is under a regime that keeps the safety instructions regarding the pandemic on the extreme side. We would be grateful if you join us in our attempt to ease these uncertain times to all the employees in the club. In order to keep the things on the party side, we have prepared some GOODIES. Choose your pack and show some love to team Drugstore! All the money goes to the employees, so you feel free to be generous.’



5€: A cyber kiss in a form of a video by Straja and Mara, Drugstore’s muses
10€: Entrance for the first party after quarantine + thank you card signed by Tijana the resident DJ and Stefan, the security manager
15€: Crying handkerchief, + entrance for the first party after quarantine, + thank you card signed by Stefan the designer and Bob the VJ
20€: Drugstore lube, + entrance for the first party after quarantine, + thank you card signed by Dragana and Nemanja, the founders
30€: T-shirt, + entrance for the first party after quarantine, + thank you card signed by Bane the booker and Žarko the wardrobe expert
50€: 5 tickets for any party, + T-shirt, + thank you card signed by Edin the social media guy, Mihail the night manager and Saša, the stage manager
100€: Annual ticket, + T-shirt, + thank you card signed by Milica the bartenderette and Aljoša the light operator