Marko Milošević aka MKDSL, which by the way stands for ‘Mom says I am handsome’, takes his fan base again behind the scenes. This time on a 4 day long live stream festival with his guests Šćepine Vragolije, DJ Luton, Nataleé and Ognjen Martinović. 

During the weekend lockdown, three weeks ago, Marko decided to spread a little bit of joy and entertain his audience with a live act. What started as a stream on Facebook and Youtube turned into a 50 hours music session on Twitch. I have to admit, I haven’t heard about this platform before but I can say that livestreams from there deliver community feeling and intimacy like no other platform. The chat function makes it very interactive, which is fun, since one can chat with other MKDSL friends and fans and order some virtual drinks or joints with Twitch coins. It’s kind of an addictive party-game with high quality music and Marko as the funniest entertainer. My favourite parts are when viewers order the squid and Marko has to make the squid dance move or when the viewers dance together via Zoom.

MKDSL is my favourite artist from Belgrade, a beautiful being and definitely a hero without a cape these days. I haven’t seen so much love in one place for a long time, especially not on the internet. He developed a community, which I can’t wait to meet in real life and dance with them when Corona is over. Have you ever wondered how Belgrade’s lockdown parties look like? Join the live stream tonight from 19:30 and see for yourself. You’ll not only have the time of your quarantine but also supporting the artists because one can also donate through Twitch.

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