photos:  Bojan Kovačević

Those of you who have already been to Serbia’s capital know exactly what this city feels like. It’s vibrant, always busy, loud, sometimes even too crowded (especially the public transport) but also exciting, charming in its own way and definitely hella fun! I would have never expected seeing Belgrade so empty.

Few weeks ago, the government imposed a nighttime curfew during the week (5 pm to 5 am) and an entire lockdown for the weekend. Further, mandatory self-isolation for elderly people and people who returned from abroad. Over the Orthodox Easter holidays, starting from Friday afternoon and ending on Tuesday morning, the country will have the longest curfew so far.

Not as soon as I hope but soon enough, we will dance again at the craziest parties, drink summer cocktails next to the river bank, go to open air cinemas and hug our friends and lovers. Until then #staysafe and take a look at the unusual images of empty Belgrade starting from the most crowded place, Zeleni Venac, the city center and its main street, Knez Mihailova.