April 2020

Join MKDSL’s Music Marathon Session live on Twitch

Marko Milošević aka MKDSL, which by the way stands for ‘Mom says I am handsome’, takes his fan base again behind the scenes. This time on a 4 day long live stream festival with his guests Šćepine Vragolije, DJ Luton, Nataleé… Continue Reading →

Drugstore Benefit Stream – Tijana T Lockdown Long

For those who have never partied in Drugstore: it’s a new kind of creative space, turned from an industrial space into a clubbing, concert, cocktail, theatre, arts and cinema venue. The dark interior reminds on a gothic styled cathedral and… Continue Reading →

Dystopian Belgrade – Photos of a Ghost Town

photos:  Bojan Kovačević Those of you who have already been to Serbia’s capital know exactly what this city feels like. It’s vibrant, always busy, loud, sometimes even too crowded (especially the public transport) but also exciting, charming in its own… Continue Reading →

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