This is a rather unusual but a fascinating story about a little Bagel bakery, which supports women, who have been victims of violence and human trafficking. 

Everything started, when Atina, a non governmental organisation, created a Bagel bakery as a short term project for victims of violence and human trafficking. However, Bagel Bejgl seems to have become a successful small business supporting women in need. The concept is to educate those women, make them independent and provide some work experience for them. Atina gives this people an opportunity to work on their development in a professional environment.

A few days ago, I tried the Bagel shop in one of the alleys of Palilula. They have a great choice of sweet and savory bagels perfect for a breakfast bite or a snack in between. One can choose between meat, creamy and veggie. The decision was hard to make. I wavered from the lox bagel sandwich (350 RSD) to the vegan hummus bagel (260 RSD) and the proscuitto bagel with a sunny side up egg (300 RSD). I decided for the latter. It was freshly baked and tasty.  For dessert I took the Nutella bagel with bananas (150 RSD), which was yummy too. Being prepared with high quality ingredients these bagels can serve as lunch or dinner too.

All spreads are home made. The ingredients, which are not home made, like the kajmak is purchased from an organic farm which is a part of a farmer’s household in the countryside. Besides bagels, they serve soups, salads and cakes. In case you want to start your day healthy, make sure you order a fresh squeezed juice. If you want to eat an authentic bagel for a reasonable price and support a sterling project, I highly recommend you paying a visit to this one.