Ferdinand is one of those spots that I knew I would love at first sight the minute I step foot in it. It is a place, where the locals meet up for home made dumplings, the finest hot chocolate and coffee. A place which is bound to take you back to your childhood.

Ferdinand is Belgrade’s first home made dumpling place of its kind, which can be described without fear of contradiction as the finest and the best turned out you’ll find in the whole city. It got its name after an Emperor of Austria, who was known for his love for dumplings. According to the popular belief, when he seems to have ordered plum dumplings during the winter period and the chef in his castle didn’t seem to be able to prepare it, so apparently he got fired.

The little dumpling shop serves sweet and savory dumplings made of potatoes and breadcrumbs. I simply love all the sweet flavors: fluffy on the outside and warm and delicious on the inside. You can choose between the classic plum, rafaello filled with wild berries, nutella, poppy in white chocolate sauce and dark chocolate (80-150 RSD). Furthermore, apple with cinnamon and many mooore. If you want to try something typically Serbian, it certainly is the pijana dumpling (engl. drunk dumpling) made of marzipan and dry plums with a squirt of rakija (120 RSD). Feel free to add hot chocolate to your order, mind you it is made of real chocolate (160-210 RSD), not just plain cocoa powder, so no worries it is so thick and full of flavour, and brace yourself up for at least two hours of a well deserved sugar high.

But beware it will be pretty difficult to make your choice when actually standing in front of the dumpling display. My absolute favourite was the poppy dumpling topped with white chocolate sauce. If you prefer savory dumplings the menu offers chilli, mushroom, four cheeses, truffels and meat ones as well.

Located close to the Terazije Square, Ferdinand is bound to impress you with its cosy and comfy, warm interior. Besides dumblings you can buy home made (hot) chocolate sticks, organic jam (390 RSD) and ‘dumplings – to go’ in very neat packaging and vegan dumplings too to name but a few.

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