Going to flea markets seems to be like setting off for an adventure. It’s like time travel: different times and eras are blended together in a place packed with bits and bobs. Flea markets also tell beautiful tales, part of which you can surely take a real piece back home. And even if you don’t buy anything there, you are bound to learn as much about the city as you would do by visiting museums and simply staring at monuments.

If you happen to love markets and vintage stuff like I do, I highly recommend visiting the Bubanj Potok flea market. Bubanj Potok seems to be popular amongst foreigners as well because the prices for antiques tend to be much cheaper compared to that in Western Europe. You can also find second hand clothes (I found a Levi’s denim boyfriend jacket for 2€.) and lots of other stuff. Make sure you go on a Saturday morning because on Sundays car market happens to take place in the same location. If you go by car you’ll pay 200 RSD (closer to the market) or 100 RSD for the parking space.

Bubanj Potok literally overflows with absolutely everything one might be looking for. I saw the 19th century furniture, cameras, clocks, paintings, vintage lamps, vinyls, postcards and photographs from the 1920s. Furthermore, sterling cutlery, Singer sewing machines, porcelain, swords, rare books and instruments. Some market vendors offer high quality white goods from Germany, Austria, Switzerland and Sweden.

Flea Market Tips to shop like a Pro 

1. Visit the market in the early morning. First come, first served.

2. Make sure you visit every market stand.

3. Always have petty cash on you.

4. Watch out for copycat products

5. Don’t be dressed up too elegantly.

6. Don’t show too much interest in the thing you like but be ready for some haggling.

7. Always negotiate the price.

Murphy’s Law

My experience has taught me: If you are planning to buy something special on flea markets, you won’t find it. So, don’t plan too much in advance and buy things you like the very first instant (of course unless it is prohibitively expensive). Because you’ll feel marvellous when you find something you’d never thought of before.

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