Every city tells its own unique story by the street art it has. I am a big fan of it, because it’s made for everyone and like each and every piece of art, there is always a message to reflect upon.

Street art has come a long way from pure vandalism to high elevated art in the past few years. Savamala is one of Belgrade’s main graffiti areas. It starts from Branko’s Bridge and stretches away around Braće Krsmanović Street and Karadjordjeva Street.

Typical of this area are the ghosts of Savamala. You will find paintings everywhere in the city, but today I will show you my favourite ones.

1. Robin Williams

The mural of Robin William’s face popped up overnight immediately after he died. It is painted on a wall next to Branko’s Bridge.

2. La Santa de Beograd

The best view is from Branko’s Bridge.

3. Women’s faces

Cetinjska Street, close to Skadarlija.

4. Beautiful lady in Savamala

The facial expression of the black and white woman.

5. Cat

At Kosančićev Venac.

6. Killing the Nature

You can see this one from Branko’s Bridge.

There is so much more street art in Belgrade. Have fun, exploring it 😉.

Proofreading support by Angloland