Restaurant TRI is the perfect place, if you want to feel like at home but still experience something new.

TRI changed its location last year and is now in Kosovska Street 51, close to the Bivši Bar and behind the City Hall. The new location is great: in a backyard’s house. One has to pass a building’s frontdoor and a hallway in order to reach the restaurant, which has a beautiful little yard marked off with two trees. It became one of my favourite places in Belgrade. You ask why?

Because I could eat there every day. :) It’s because of this cosy home atmosphere made by the lovely staff and the restaurant’s carefully chosen interior and all those little details. You will feel more like at a friend’s place than in a restaurant. And of course of Tri’s interesting menu choice. I ate there several times and every time I loved their homemade dishes. And of course the homemade elderflower juice.

You will find light dishes like little triangles with humus, feta cheese, spinach and olives or gauda cheese and sun-dried tomatoes with a dip. (345 RSD) Interesting Bruschetta combinations like goat cheese, dried plump, honey and walnut. (295 RSD) Main courses like homemade ravioli with fresh cheese and lavender (585 RSD) and homemade mini lasagnette with spinach and nutmeg apple. (525 RSD)

My favourite dish is the little triangles with humus, feta cheese, spinach and olives because it goes perfectly with their wine. Besides the homemade pastry they also serve arabian chicken with couscous, curry chicken (~ 600 RSD) and yummi dessert. (245 – 365 RSD)

Little side fact: Tri means three in Serbian and got its name because the owners are three friends.