The Hooks of Good Hope (orig.: Kuke Dobrote) is a humanitarian project, which started with a single heel at Brankow’s Bridge about a month ago.

Sad but true, a lot of people in Serbia live under very poor conditions. Almost everyday I see old people eating out of garbage cans, which breaks my heart. They are not homeless people – their pension is so small that they can’t afford basic needs.

So, the idea behind the poject is that literally erveryone can donate clean clothes and food by just hanging it up on them. When people saw the pictures of this lovely project for the first time on social media channels, they’ ve got very excited about it. The Hooks of Good Hope started spreading overnight through  the whole country.

A lot of children are also a big part of the project, because schools and kindergartens are making their own heels. If you want to brighten up someone’s day and do a good deed, join this wonderful activity. Be careful in donating food – it should be something that can’t expire.

You can find all locations here:

*all pictures taken from Kuke Dobrote’s page