“We must get together and exchange our experience and wisdom, in order to create a new way for the humanity which is in harmony with the Nature.” – Wisdom of Natura, World Expo in Japan, 2005

Yesterday was the 10th Supernatural Festival, which took place at the most beautiful nature spot in Belgrade – Košutnjak. It is the largest environmental event in the Country that celebrates the International Earth Day each year. This special festival offers environmental education mixed with a healthy lifestyle and a lot of fun.

Supernatural’s idea is to educate people to understand and feel the values of our nature. So, there was not only a great open air party with the nicest DJ tunes but workshops, which included Yoga, Capoeira and a wellness program. A conscious way of living, which will treat our planet with care is one of the most important points for Supernatural’s team, who always support local agriculture. Therefore, they set up an Organic Market around the dance floor, with different local stands, which provided also raw and vegan food.

The Supernatural Picnic is literally for everyone. While kids were playing ball and dogs enjoyed the nature, beautiful and happy people were dancing and drinking beer under the sun. The entrance was free because of the 10th anniversary celebration, which by the way went from 12 until 10 in the evening.

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