This is an interesting story about a collection of abandoned things, which made Hilandarska Street number 26 famous.

Everything has begun few years ago, when a guy, who lives in Hilandarska Street found a little figure left from his ex girlfriend on the mailbox. The idea was born as soon, as he saw the figure: adding other figures almost every day on that mailbox to symbolize love.  Once he overflowed the box, the collection started spreading outdoors: first on the window boards, later on the building’s walls.

This part of the street is very mysterious and at the same time charming and really creative. It makes almost every passerby stop and think about it. The collection of these different items are carefully chosen: every single one represents love. The cool thing about it is, that the collection is always changing. People take things they like and add other things which they don’t need anymore. All in all, a broken relationship, which turned into an open air exhibition of love.