Ada Ciganlija is a river island, which is used as a multi-faceted recreation zone by the people living or visiting Belgrade.

Ada (short form) was proclaimed a national public good in 1821 by Prince Miloš Obrenović of Serbia. The artificial lake made between the island of Ada Ciganlija and the right bank of the Sava river has provided the city a 7 km long beach. Its name comes from the Turkish word ‘ada‘, meaning a river island. Nowadays it’s also called More Beograda (Belgrade’s Sea).


This place is the perfect getaway, if you are spending your summer days in Belgrade. It is devided into three parts:

  1. The noisy side –  the haunt of the young, where you will find tons of good bars and restaurants. This place will give you a real beach feeling, because every bar provides sunloungers and good music. At night, the beachbars turn into nightclubs. For those, who can’t just lay the whole day at the beach, there is a wide range of sport activities. You can try Waterskiing or play Beachvolleyball with your friends. Or you could rent a bike or Inlineskates. I always avoid this place on weekends during the summer season because it can have up to 300.000 visitors.


2. Opposite the fancy side you will find more alternative bars and coffeeplaces. The right bank offers a nudist beach, bungee jumping and a slide for children. Not your cup of tea? What about a free Salsa dancing lesson in one of the bars? :)


3. For People, who like calm places, I recommend Ada Safari, a small lake on the northern tip of Ada, which is used for fishing. The fishing resort consists out of 300 numbered fishing seats around the lake. There is a small zoo next to the lake, where you will find ducks, swans, peacocks and if you are lucky, little goats. A beautiful place for a little walk.


The island is huge, but don’t worry: there is a little train, which will get you to your desired destination. If you are the first time in Belgrade, I recommend you to experience the “noisy” side, even if I prefer the opposite one.

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