Check out our sticky-fingered guide to the best cold stuff in the capital. I’ve put together a list of top ice-cream parlours serving unforgettable frozen dishes.

Crna Ovca

According to the owners of Crna Ovca (Black Sheep) you’ll find the best ice cream in Bologna. With the help of a Bologna’s ice cream master, they brought this delicious ice cream to Belgrade and adapted the recipes to the Serbian taste. Which means less sugar and more butterfat.

Crna Ovca’s concept is to make natural ice cream with extraordinary flavours as kajmak, bacon and plum. Once in a week the team change the flavours because they like to experiment. And for those, who prefer water ice cream they offer strawberry ice cream bars mixed with water.

  • Kralja Petra Street 58
  • Mon – Sun: 10:00 – 23:00
  • +381 63 170 9990

Moritz Eis

The Austrian/Serbian team, offer delicious ice cream in special flavours like fruit (kiwi, pear, pomegranate, plum and pineapple), vegetables (calabash, beetroot) and cakes (baklava, cookies with cinnamon and banana).

Their creative mixtures like orange and ginger or lemon and hollander are very interesting to try. They also have a free delivery service. Although it’s a little bit more expensive, it is definitely worth it.

  • Vuka Karadzica Street 9
  • 10:00-01:00
  • +381 60 55 444 55


Thai-Style ice cream rolls have arrived in Belgrade too.  It is a thin layer of ice cream that gets scraped up in a way that forms tight coils. You can’t even imagine how many different combinations they offer. From Kinder Bueno to Nutella, from fruits to Plazma.

It takes about two to three minutes to prepare the stir-fried ice cream. The entertainment value of watching the staff make the ice cream rolls is defenitely worth the waiting time though.  The location of the Asian ice cream sensation couldn’t be any better: The Ada Ciganlija Beach.

  • Ada Ciganlija, Caffee Havana
  • Mon – Fri: 14:00 – 22:00
  • Sat & Sun: 12:00 – 22:00
  • +381 60 3131578

Bacio Gelato

Bacio is located at the beautiful Flower Square (Cvetni Trg), close to the Beograđanka building. Its delicious ice cream is glutenfree and made with stevia instead of sugar. They also have very interesting flavours like mint and fig.

Besides ice cream one can by also high quality pralines and ice cream bars. This place has a nice garden on the Flower Square and delicious coffee.

  • Njegoševa Street 1a
  • Mon – Sun: 09:00 – 23:00, closed on Tuesdays
  • +381 63 332 255


The owners are a married couple, who are ice cream makers since 20 years. They are preparing ice cream the old Serbian traditional way with Italy as their role model. The concept is, that they don’t hide anything. That means, that you can watch them making fresh ice cream in front of you.

I like the ambience, because the design is a mix of the 20 th century with a modern touch. Poslastičarnica offers also fantastic coffee and cakes. P.S.:  They have a lot of vegan flavours too.

  • Maršala Birjuzova Street 7
  • Mon – Sat: 09:00 – 23:00
  • Sundays 14:00 – 23:00
  • +381 11 328 27 15