The older we get, the more stressful life gets. So, once in a while, everyone needs to refill their batteries.

My favourite charger was (and still is) to go on a journey. If you don’t have enough time or money, the best way to escape from everyday life is, to go to nature somewhere close. There are a lot of little forests in Belgrade and I am gonna share my favourite places with you.


…derseves again the first place. Until 1903 the forest was a closed hunting place for the upper class.

My recommendation: If you want to try Serbian traditional food, you should visit KAFANICA. Only if you don’t care about chicken and cats walking around your table 😉.

The Botanic Garden Jevremovac (Botanička bašta Jevremovac)

Jevremovac is located in the middle of the city and exists since 1874. There are more than 350 different trees. Further, they have a greenhouse and a japanese garden.



The word “topčider” means gun and comes from the time when the Ottoman beleaguered Belgrade in 1521. It has a beautiful park, a forest and a sport-area. It’s definitely worth going there, because of it’s rich history. You can also visit museums and see different sculptures.


The Zvezdara forest (Zvezdarska šuma)

I am going there, because it’s close to my flat and a good place for jogging.


There is one more amazing place, but it deserves it’s own post. I will write about it soon.