photo by Rados Ruzic

I met Dejan (20) at the KC grad’s event „Moda za poneti“ – (“Fashion to Go”), where young designers and artists presented their craftwork. There were a lot of beautiful and creativly crafted things, as jewellery, bows and clothes. Dejan’s stand was particularly my favourite. Why? Together with his mother, Sofija (his tailor) he creates Handsome Bags with amazing designs and shapes. There was something for everyone’s taste! Each bag was of course unique and handmade with love. They offered modern pieces as well as Serbian traditional printed ones.

I chose a waterproof one and I wear it everywhere since then. It is perfect for every kind of weather. For me, the most important is, that the bags are in a good quality, ecological, practical and affordable for everyone.“, says the talented designer, who is in his second year of Belgrade’s Faculty of Applied Arts.

Dejan always wanted to create something special. Being inspired by his friends and everyday life, he especially tries to implement the visual beauty of nature in his work. His favourite place in Belgrade is a field, which he calls a piece of untouched nature, opposite his flat in Novi Beograd (New Belgrade). It is a peaceful place, where he loves taking pictures and just spend his free time. After a minor forest fire at this field, he even used the coal that had developed there for his paintings.

If you want to take a look at the  bags:  Click here