Dvorištance literally means little yard and was one of my favourite bars in Belgrade.

I remember as it was yesterday, when Kimi, a friend of mine showed me that bar. If you wanted to enter, you had to go through a little house. I always had the feeling, that I came to a friend’s place, because for reaching the yard one had to pass a living room. It was the perfect place to chill during the hot summer days because of it’s holiday flair next to the Sava River.

Once it looked like this:

photo credits: Klub Dvorištance

There was a lot of protest against the destroying of this beautiful bar, but nothing helped. It got killed in September, 2015 by a project called Belgrade Waterfront. Remember, that I wrote that Belgrade has a spirit and that this one makes the city special? I am afraid, that Belgrade Waterfront will destroy this spirit by building skyscrapers next to the Sava River. Their plan is to make Belgrade look like a little Dubai with the help from their arabic friends.


photo credit: Belgrade Waterfront – Facebook

photo credits: Klub Dvorištance

The first masterpiece of the Bgd-Waterfront project is a fancy restaurant called Savanova, where people a la rich kids of Instragram ft. silicone lips come to eat and shoot some selfies. The funny thing about this new Restaurant is, that it wasn’t meant to be a restaurant but a tourist information point.

Well done Belgrade Waterfront, well done! 😉