photos: Marija Strajnić & U10

If I cast my mind back a few weeks and think about what we’ve been through, I still can’t realize it. But here we are. Things in Belgrade are getting back on track. Everything feels new and special after the lockdown. Last week, people could visit their favourite bars, see their friends and socialize for the first time after two months. And today, we had the first exhibition opening in Belgrade. The U10 gallery presents Auto-Sculptures, Marija Strajnić’s first solo exhibition.

When it comes to aesthetics, you will find a different type of it in Belgrade than in western European capitals. The streets of Belgrade are contemporary art to me. And Marija Strajnić proved it with her 4th photo book, which is about the city’s private parking areas. People in Serbia use various recycled objects (bricks, crates, sticks, branches, boxes, secondary raw materials, etc.), Marija calls them an illegal army of artifacts, with which they mark public spaces in front of their houses for private use – their very own parking space.

‘The project is based on the photo book of the same name (the dummy book is attached as visual documentation) which contains the photos of 100 auto-sculptures, which I came across during walks in various parts of Belgrade. The selection consists only of objects whose original purpose was not to occupy a parking space  and which were arranged/selected specifically for this purpose and for temporary use.’ – says Marija. You can visit the exhibition until May 23rd, from Tuesday until Saturday (12-20). And don’t forget to bring your masks.

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