Belgrade never stops to deliver us new places to explore and fall in love with. Each year new things pop up all over town, putting undiscovered areas on the map and adding new spice to already established ones. I especially love the fact that Belgrade’s brunch mentality is getting more popular. Here are seven breakfast and brunch places worth a try. Enjoy it.

Burger House 

My favourite one on the list is also the newest one. Thank God, they began offering an all you can eat brunch (for 800 RSD) in the end of 2018. With Dušan as chef, you can expect a pretty amazing wide range breakfast, brunch or even lunch since they serve it until 2 pm. Their dishes are more than the average scrambled eggs. My savory favourites are the three different salads, which vary from week to week, the tomato and pesto cheeses, the little canapés and the pastries which are all made by the BH bakery. Everything they serve is home made; even the sauces! It’s hard to resist the savory food, but don’t forget to leave some space for the extra fluffy doughnuts, the Nutella and vanilla croissants and oh, the banana and jujube bread. 

Restoran Telma

Telma, a bar and restaurant behind Cvetni Trg is a really cozy place offering a living room atmosphere and five different à la carte breakfasts. If you want to try something Serbian, go for the breakfast for two (Zlatiborski doručak530 RSD), which includes uštipci (fried dough balls), kajmak (a soft, creamy dairy product) and pršuta (dry-cured ham). The four other options are the polenta, scrambled eggs with four different cheeses, the butter club sandwich and the omelette with ham and vegetables. I liked the relaxed atmosphere, the home made Malinada (raspberry lemonade) and their patio, probably the coolest one in Vračar.

Filter Coffee and Food Studio

Filter is a stop in for great coffee (100% arabica), home made treats and a fantastic view. Located in the heart of Banovo Brdo, they offer a new level of breakfast: from classics like Eggs Benedict and croissants to DIY omelettes, pastrami sandwiches and Serbian breakfast specialties combined with home made juices such as elderflower and beetroot. If you got a sweeter tooth try their chocolate fondant or go for an apple pie with vanilla ice cream. It is still one of my most recommended places, mainly because it has so many options that it is hard to be disappointed here. I especially enjoyed the flower decoration on the food.

JaM – Just Un Maestro

Just un Maestro is a good-looking new spot making Belgraders happy with their generous breakfast offer and excellent coffee. They might be the fanciest place on my list, but it’s also a quite hidden one, as it’s inside a less busy area in Lower Dorćol. You can choose between nine different variations of breakfast; from the Viennese, the Shakshuka and the healthy one with seasonal fruit and Greek yogurt to JaM’s goat cheese breakfast, french toast and salmon or Cotton Nero sandwiches. Their garden is filled with lovely lemon trees which makes it a pleasure for the eye. The most expensive breakfast dish (sausage and eggs) is 650 RSD. 


Zadruga is a restaurant, a café, a bakery and a market at the same time. It is the first restaurant in Belgrade with a farm to table concept, which means that they serve only fresh, seasonal and food à la green philosophy brought directly from local farm households to your table. I tried the eggs on spinach with ajvar (grill-roasted red peppers and eggplant relish) and it was delicious, like everything else at Zadruga’s. They have also vitamine boosters, a high quality takeaway and a shop with delicious organic goodies such as honey, spreads, ajvar, bread without yeast, rakija, tomato juice and many more. It has never been so easy to eat healthy. 


This lovely, down-to-earth café in the Bohemian area named Skadarlija, is giving me some Spanish vibes with their tapas style brunch. Tezga offers an all you can eat brunch on Saturdays and Sundays from 11:00 to 14:00, for 650 RSD. As you can see on the pictures, you can find different kinds of dry cured hams, eggs, grilled cheese, Indian aloo paratha and bruschetta with home made spreads like beetroot, mushrooms and truffle on the table. If you like sweets, go for the sour cherry pita, a traditional pie, which my granny used to make on Sundays. Don’t forget to book your table: +381 11 33 46 598!

Jevremova25 update 2022 – CLOSED

Jevremova25, named after the street in Dorćol they’re located on, is not an average coffee place but a concept store, where you’ll find local and international designers like Yugochic, Mishka and Nuelis to name a few. But apart from their trendy shop they also serve breakfast, (everyday from 09:00 until 13:00), lunch and aperitif. Their breakfast dishes are more international with typical things like avocado and eggs, as well as cereals and other healthy goodies. You can order them à la carte or help yourself to the small buffet.