Belgrade’s Christmas lights are still hanging throughout the city but the excitement of New Year’s Eve and the cozy Christmas atmosphere are already gone. Of course, there are some slavas (celebration of family saint patron’s day) here and there but January spreads his dreaded winter blues anyway. This list is an alternative to ‘Netflix and Chill’ and will show you 10 activities which could brighten up your winter in Belgrade. So let’s get off the couch and have some fun! 

1. Take a walk through the Glasshouse of the Botanical              Garden

Escape the cold and wet weather for a few hours and come to take a walk through the glasshouse inside Belgrade’s botanical garden. With exotic plants all around the place, you’ll forget about the grey winter at least for a moment. Enjoy a nice stroll in the nature with your jacket off and explore more than 1000 different plants from all over the world.The warm and humid glasshouse is also a great place if you want to fill up your batteries. A little hint: The entrance is free on the first Tuesday of each month.

Takovska 43     •     open daily from 9:00-16:00     •   price: 250 RSD     • 

2. Try Exotic Food from different Countries at KC Grad

If you like food, you’ll love this event because every Monday is Deli Monday (Delikatesni Ponedeljak) at KC Grad. Wake up your buds with home made dishes from all over the world, exchange recipes and learn interesting things about different countries and their culture. I’ve already experienced great food prepared by the Refugee Aid Serbia, the Arabic cultural center, a Greek chef from Chalkidiki, people from the Indonesian and Brazilian embassy to name a few. What better way to start your week than by joining this beautiful event?

Braće Krsmanović 4     •     Deli Monday: 19:00-22:00     •     token: 200 RSD     •

3. Visit Indoor Markets at Dorćol Platz or Belgrade Market 

I love flea markets even during winter, but instead of being in the cold you can visit an indoor market at Dorćol Platz or Belgrade Market. Dorćol Platz’s most popular event is the Handmade Festival, where you can find unique pieces, like bags, jewelry, posters, clothes and a lot more made by local designers. And later on, you can enjoy a drink at the bar. Belgrade Market is a newly opened space in lower Dorćol which hosts different types of markets too, the Design and the family market, for example. There is always a laid-back  atmosphere with a DJ,  interesting things to buy and if you get hungry you can grab some food at four different stands. 

4. Take your Friends to a Karaoke Night

In case you don’t want to spend another Saturday on the couch or at 20/44 , I’ve got a fun alternative for you. What do you think about the idea of getting drunk and making a fool out of yourself? Sounds perfect? Grab your friends and join a karaoke night at Kućica Bar, on Thursdays or at Pejton Pub on Fridays. Don’t forget to reserve your spot.

5. Train your Brain at the Museum of Illusions 

If mind boggling puzzles and eye tricks interest you, try this interactive and hands on museum, full of curiosities. You will feel as a kid discovering the world around you.There are plenty of little puzzles, mirrors, illusions and other interesting activities. The Museum of Illusions is a great place with a lot of opportunities to take photos and create your own illusions. Come in groups of at least 3.

 Nušićeva 11    •     daily: 09:00-22:00     •     entrance fee:  600 RSD     •

6. Join Alternative Movie Nights

Blockbuster movies in Belgrade’s mainstream cinemas can’t get me out of the house anymore. But instead of spending another evening on your couch, I suggest you to visit DKC, a small cinema run by the cultural center showing some really  good art house movies. You can also join a movie night at different bars like Bife Ventil, Zoom Art Cafe and the cultural squats Kvaka 22 and NNK.

7. Attend Boya’s Ceramic Workshop

Spend a creative evening with a glass of wine and a bunch of lovely people at Boya’s Porcelain workshop for beginners. You can choose between a ‘plate and bowl’ (2.500 RSD) or a ‘make your own mug’ workshop (3.000 RSD), which take place three times a month, always on Thursday evenings at 7 pm. It’s a super nice experience with lots of fun and you’ll get two ceramic pieces created by yourself. Read more…

 Zetska 4a      •

8. Visit the Belgrade of Light Exhibition

In the beginning of February (4.-9.2) five artists, art groups and collectives will transform the gallery of KC Grad by using dynamic and performative gestures, spatial experiments, motion, light and sound. Every night over the course of the six-day event, a new vision and completely different experience will be generated. To escape the ordinary thematic framework, the Belgrade of Light’s programme, will be dealing purely with imagination, comprehension and rethinking. Click here to see the event details.

 9. Go experience a Concert at Elektropionir

Elektropionir is located in the complex of the abandoned BIP beer brewery at Cetinjska Street 15. A lot of domestic but also bands from abroad have performed at Elektropionir. It’s always a great atmosphere and a really nice choice of bands. You can find all events on Facebook.

10. Escape Nikola Tesla’s or Tito’s Room

If you like riddles and team work, you should definitely visit the Adrenalin Escape Rooms with your friends. Travel back in time and visit Tito’s communist room, which is perfect if you are a smaller group or beginners. Tesla’s room is, of course, the most difficult one. You’ll have around one hour to find all hints and escape the room. 

Simina 9a            •