Museum Macura  is the only private museum in Serbia and definitely a place you will fall in love with. It’s a must visit for all the art lovers looking for something eccentric and tasteful.

Named after its owner, Vladimir Macura, the museum is only open for the summer season, less than one hour from Belgrade. It is situated on a stunning location in Novi Banovci, between apple trees and the Danube. The place is filled with Macura’s art collection, spread over 650 square meters in  two exhibition halls just few kilometers  away from each other. 

The museum plays an important role as a cultural center, where one can experience  avant-garde in form of group performances, concerts, theatre plays and film screenings. Besides that, Macura shares the largest modern art collection in the Balkans with his visitors. 

When arriving at the museum’s first location, one is offered  homemade lavender juice, served in vintage bottles and glasses. At the  second location you’ll explore a former grain storage full of art and the collector’s bed-chamber. There is also homemade food prepared by Macura and his friend. People usually spend half a day at the museum, which is surrounded by nature. They talk to the collector, eat delicious food with a beautiful view on the river, after the expedition.

You can visit Muzej Macura on weekends only but you have to announce your visit by calling Vladimir Macura on the number below. So head over to Novi Banovci the next time you are in Belgrade to make your trip unforgettable. 

May – October 

12:00 – 18:00 

weekends only with announcement via +381 64 47 29 629   

Zenit 1 and Zenit 4, Novi Banovci