Everyone, who has visited Belgrade, knows that this city has tons of really good bars, coffees and pubs. The bars, I am gonna mention here, have something in common: They all got that awesome living room style. 

Jazz Bašta 

Jazz Bašta is hidden in an old building in Savamala. If you spot a staircase full of graffitis next to Branko’s Bridge, you’re on the right way. This place reminds with all its shabby chic interior on a french flat. They future live Jazz music on weekends. Go for a tea (daytime) or grab a glass of quality wine in the evening. Click here to see Jazz Bašta’s outdoor space.

Villa Maska

Villa Maska, as the name says, is located in an old Villa in Vračar, which was built in 1926. From the moment you enter, you will notice the exotic interior, which was collected from all over the world. The good news is that you can buy almost every single detail. The atmosphere is always relaxed and the food is excellent.


Blaznavac is a cult place in Dorćol. The bar is situated in an old mansion full of history. It’s a cool place with a great atmosphere and even better interior design; a place where the urban kids of Belgrade enjoy delicious cocktails. Blaznavac is lively but not too noisy, a good place for a cup of coffee during the day or warming up before hitting the clubs.


Smokvica means little fig. The place got its name because of the fig tree in their garden. The shabby chic interior gives this place a special touch. They serve really good coffee and delicious cakes. Also a good place for breakfast and lunch.

House Club

This is literally a house. When you enter, you have the feeling, that you’ve just came to a friend’s place. I like this bar because of its family atmosphere and its awesome yard. House is a good place for coffee and chat with friends.