You don’t have to travel to India, to China or to the Orient to experience high quality tea. Salon de thé by Smalltree, Belgrade’s first tea room, offers loose leaf tea from almost all over the world. 

Located  in a calm street of Vračar, Smalltree brought  the art of tea drinking to Belgrade exactly 6 years ago. When you walk through the doors of the Salon, you will soon realise that you are in a store for an extraordinary tea experience. The charming oasis gives off a relaxing atmosphere and reminds me on Paris because of its lovely interior. It is the perfect spot for sitting with a book and a home made treat on a cold winter afternoon, or with a group of friends.

Salon de thé is a place, where a cup of tea is more than a drink. They offer an enormous selection of loose leaf tea; from black to green, from white to fruit. The knowledgeable staff will help you select a tea based on your preferences. They are also more than happy to explain the different flavour profiles and let you smell the loose leaf tea before you order it. You’ll get a tea timer, which will tell you when the beverage is ready to drink. While you are drinking your favourite tea, you’ll be able to hear nice music playing from a gramophone. There are plenty of fresh squeezed juices available for non-tea drinkers too.

They will satisfy your sweet tooth with traditional french macarons, cheesecake, home made vanilice (vanilla cookies), vegan cookies and other sweets. Moreover, their shop offers tea in small bags ready to take home. Salon de thé organizes also workshops and private birthday parties.