On Friday, the 12th of August, Barutana, a club in the Kalemegdan fortress hosted an amazing event called Bizzare Bazzare. It was an eleven hours happening, which started with a daytime party accompanied by cocktails and a very relaxed atmosphere. Def. Raw Music Concept, a project by French underground DJs performed for the first time in Belgrade.

Bizzare Bazzare is an art venue, which connects design, fashion and art. The black market is the perfect place for those, who search for hand made jewelry, unique, vintage clothes and asscessories.

There was also a photo exhibition by Marko Milanović and a Fashion Show by naca.

The entrance was free and the party great. Here is the list of all local artists, who took part in the event:

Bejzikdizajn – Maki Made It – Glory Box – CicuMicu – Selena- be the Goddess of the Moon – PD T-Shirts – Mr. Owl – JC Company – Angelicas ArtWEGGY  –  – Hooked jewelry –  Revitalizacija – Hana’s dreamcatchers – Exodus Natural CosmeticsQ WJaneDoe VintageShop  – DI U DIIVIĆ BIO SHOPMissy BoDžumbus StajlProdavnicaKabrionela Crafts – ШIЗIKA

Stay tuned and follow Bizzare Bazzare.