Nova Logika, an artists’ union, has opened its doors for artists, friends and hedonists in the woods of Belgrade.

The Balkans – the new Meeting Point for Artists

Nova Logika’s concept is to gather all kinds of artists from different genres to experiment and create new art projects at this beautiful place. Further, Nova Logika is a cultural icebreaker, whose plan is to connect artists from all around the world and also supporting those art projects, which didn’t have the chance to be heard or seen.

Nova Logika offers artists to use their space for workshops. Further, they invite people to exhibitions, Kung Fu, Yoga and Zen workshops, which take place on their rooftop, one of the most magical spots in Belgrade.

Dživdžan Bleya is one of their event, which is kind of a picnic with cold drinks, jam sessions, Kung Fu workshops on the amazing rooftop and good music.

Nova Logika has already a space in Kneza Miloša Street 10, with the focus on contemporary performing arts. It is an art experiment, where various genres, such as dance, circus, theatre, visual arts, film, architecture, acting and music meet.

The villa was built by Radoslav Dimić in the 1920ies. Doctors told this man that the nature and the fresh air would help his sick son recover. The house was surrounded by beautiful vineyards. During WW II the estate became public property. After that, it was turned into a kindergarden, then to companies and finally it got private property again. The Nova Logika Team is renovating and fixing the villa since March 2016.

If you want to be part of the team, suggest projects, use workshops or enjoy a sunny day at this beautiful place, contact Nova Logika for more details: