The Street Smart Belgrade Collective organized a lovely Charity Street Art Market one week ago.

photocredits: Ružica Milovanović

On the 24 th of June, the Street Smart Collective set up their first humanitarian action at Dorćol Platz. Artists from the Collective sold their work as prints on paper, bags and T-Shirts. People could buy that stuff on a donation basis.

All that money was donated afterwards to the Refugee Organisation in Serbia.

Visitors had the chance to watch live painting shows from Belgrade’s famous street artists, such as Jana Danilovic, Nikola Mihajlović, Linnch, Collective Das Drogen (Finok, Bjorn, Jang, Turbo), Bong, Neon and Wony. The topic was Solidarity.

Street Art has nowadays a big influence on our society. The messages are strong and can be heard widely.

Further, visitors could have taken part in a panel discussion, whose target was to improve the voluntary work in Serbia, with Berlin as their role model. The Street Smart Collective works together with Berlin, which makes the Berlin – Belgrade Connection. Last but not least, a big pot of delicious goulash was cooked for everyone. This was only the first event, they’ve organized. There is a lot more to come soon. Stay tuned and follow Street Smart Belgrade.

If you want to see more beautiful pictures, visit the page of Ružica Milovanović.