I don’t know about you but when it comes to coffee, I turn into a snob. There is nothing more disappointing, when you find a cute place but their coffee tastes like water or something else. -.-

Therefore, I’m gonna share some of my favourite places with the best coffee in town.

Pržionica (Dobračina Street 59b)

is the first place in Serbia, which is a micro roastery and a coffee bar at the same time. They offer a lot of different kinds of coffee from Brasil, Costa Rica, Peru, Kenya and and and. Because it’s situated in an industrial zone, the designer kept the interior minimalistic. There a not many places to sit inside, but a huge community table, which makes you feel close to people you don’t even know. It’s a non smoking place, which serves only filtered water besides the coffee. Make sure you go there on a sunny day, because it is really nice to sit outside.


Kafeterija (Žorža Klemansoa Street 10)

The design of the place makes you feel cosy. It is a mix of wood and tiles, which remind me on Morocco. My favourite part of the interior are the black boards lettered with white chalk.

Kafeterija offers “Kopi Luwak” or also called Civet coffee. It comes from Indonesia and is the most expensive coffee in the world. Not only because it’s rare but in order to get the coffee the cherries have to be eaten, part-digested  and finally defecated by an animal called Asian palm Civet.


Kafe Kozmetičar (Radoslava Grujića Street 25)

This place was a famous Beauty Salon before it got a new coffee spot. Its interior is inspired by the 1970ties and various cities like Berlin, London, New York and polish ones. Besides high quality coffee from little fair trade plantations they serve Kusmi Tea, which is hard to get in Belgrade. There is also a huge common table, which is popular among the guests.


Zrno (Njegoševoj Street 52)

Zrno means bean and is a coffee and a roastary at the same time. It’s located in the heart of Vračar. I like this place because you have two views. One view is the busy street where you can watch people going by. If you want to relax totally, there is this green Yard on the other side.

They also offer homemade cakes. P.S.: The second Zrno Location is in Nušićeva Street 7.


Aviator Coffee Explorer (Gundulićev Venac Street 59a)

This is a busier place than the other ones. Their barristas make coffee in 96 different ways, so the 10 m huge bar allows guests to watch them making it.

The coffee, cakes and homemade juices are excellent. And the staff really friendly.