The Republic Square is Belgrade’s most known square, located in the heart of the city center. It’s sourrounded by the National Theater, the National Museum and other sights. The most famous sight on the Square is the sculpture of Knez Mihailo Obrenović III riding a horse, made by the Italian sculptor Enrico Pazzi. Pazzi got known for his Monument to Dante in Florence. After spending almost one year in Belgrade on the preparation, he went back to Florence to finish it. Because of the war he had to stop his work until 1878. The sculpture got finally casted in Munich.


For tourists and visitors this sculpture is maybe just a man sitting on a horse. For historians it’s the famous ruler, who released Serbia from the Ottomans. With the help of his diplomacy he succeeded in recapturing Belgrade, Smederevo, Kladovo, Soko, Užice and Šabac, which were under turkish rule at this time. That’s the reason why this cities were engraved in the sculpture. In 1882 it got finally shown to the public.


But for Belgradians, who often use the phrase “Let’s meet at the horse” this sculpture represents the most famous meeting point. Whenever you walk past “the horse”, you will always see people waiting there.


There is a legend, which tells, that Pazzi committed suicide because of a mistake; he forgot to show Knez Mihailo with a hat.