Kc Grad invites you to the exhibition opening NEXT – Portraits of Belgraders by German photographer and Berlin’s most popular bouncer at Berghain, Sven Marquardt. For the first time in his thirty-year career, Sven worked on a project outside of Berlin. He has found great inspiration in Belgrade during his two-month residency transformed in a series of photographs whose main actors are locals. Black and white portraits will be displayed on the Faculty of Philosophy, in the central pedestrian area.

Sven Marquardt is a German photographer with a rich artistic career, mostly formed by the socio-political situation before and after the fall of the Berlin Wall. Born in 1962, his career began in the early eighties, working first as an assistant to the famous photographer Rudolph Schafer, primarily in fashion photography. He recorded his first photographs in the early eighties in Eastern Berlin. Since then, he has been intensively engaged with his projects using analog photography with natural lighting, which is the specificity of his artistic work. Over the past few years, his work has achieved remarkable success. A series of photographs, in which he mainly presents portraits of people he meets or works with.

In addition to the photographer’s career, Sven is known as the “face check” of the famous Berghain techno club. Anyone who has entered, or has not entered Berghain, knows that Sven is waiting at the end of the line and decides whether someone will enter the club or not.

from: 11.10.2019, 19:00 – 30.10.2019

Faculty of Philosophy

Čika-Ljubina 18-20, Beograd 11000