“A foreigner who doesn’t visit a market will never become familiar with or understand the essence of the city in which he or she resides. I have learnt more about some cities by roaming through its markets than by visiting museums and staring at monuments.” – Momo Kapor

I love going to markets. Everything is charming: the atmosphere, the fresh, seasonal fruits and vegetables and the people of course.

Belgrade has got around 30 markets. Kalenić Market (Kalenić pijaca) is the biggest and most known market in Belgrade. It exists since 1926 and has 840 different stands. People come to this market because of the homemade honey.

Zeleni Venac (since 1920), was a very modern market at this time. People used to call it  the queen of markets. For the same reason it became a monument of culture. Nowadays it’s  still the most modern market in the Balkans.

The Skadarlija Market got constructed during the WW I and WW II. The founder of this market was a Jewish merchant, called Bajloni. Belgradians still call the market after him, although the official name is Skadarlija. At the traditional Kafana Šaran, which is located next to the market, merchants used to drink, after they finished their shift.